Personalized dog training

4 Paws Academy provides owners and their dogs with the knowledge and skills needed to develop a lasting relationship based on consistency, trust, and mutual respect. We are a multi-faceted training facility providing a broad range of services from day school to CGC evaluations to competition obedience. Thinking about enrolling your dog or dogs in training? Evaluations are absolutely FREE with no obligation. Evaluations serve as an opportunity for you to come in with your dog, ask questions, see how things work, and discuss training goals and how we can create a personalized plan to fit you and your dog's needs.


The foundation of any good dog/handler rapport consists of fostering and nurturing a working relationship with clear communication, consistency, and t…

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Behavior Modification

Behavior modification is our specialty here at 4 Paws. Nathan’s training system was developed from his years of experience training the most out of …

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Day school

Here at 4 Paws Academy, we want to make sure your dog’s Day School training is completely personalized! Our first step is an evaluation to determine…

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We train you maintain

The 4 Paws We Train You Maintain program is specially designed for people who either don’t have enough time in their week to put in all the time it …

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Environmental Training

Our Environmental Training is a one-on-one program that adds to the work being done in Classes and in Day School. In this program, your dog will recei…

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CGC class/evaluations

The Canine Good Citizen (CGC) is an American Kennel Club test. The goal is to produce well-behaved dogs and also help owners know their dogs well eno…

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Welcome to the fun and exciting world of the new dog sport/activity known as “nosework”. Nosework is based on the same principles that the militar…

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Treadmill Program

Why teach a dog how to run on the treadmill – an excellent question with plenty of answers. In the wild, dogs spend 75% of their day exercising by t…

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Raw Food Distributor

Are you tired of spending too much money on kibble? Does your dog have allergy restrictions that make it hard to find a good food? Does your dog have …

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Dog Of The Month - Ci Bailey

Dog Of The Month - Ci Bailey

Ci and her owner Lauren came to 4 Paws Academy in March 2015, just a few short weeks after adoption. Ci was given up to a rescue and Lauren thought she would be a perfect match for their family. Unfortunately, Ci came with some baggage that needed to be taken care of! Ci was easily overstimulated, nervous around new people and reactive around all dogs. Lauren was looking to socialize Ci with humans and dogs, get some basic obedience training under her belt and be the pack leader so Ci could be the best she could be. Not even a year later, Lauren and Ci are enrolled in our third intense, off leash obedience class and they are both doing exceedingly well! Ci is known around here for her extreme ability to recall off of anything as well as her beautiful obedience. She has exceeded many of our expectations and continues to learn new things. She has utilized our Day School program for quite some time as well as our innovative Environmental Training exercises. With the help of these programs and Lauren’s amazing attention to detail and hard work, Ci has become the astounding dog we all knew she was capable of being. Lauren has also stared some private lessons with us to learn how to participate in competition obedience! On top of her formal training here at the Academy, the incredible pair is also training with Kathy Fretz doing agility. Ci loves the fast pace of the sport and they look forward to trialing. Because Ci has come so far and overcome her hardest tribulations, Lauren is looking at the possibility of adopting a new puppy! We are proud to say that Ci is more than ready to have a new sibling at home. Congratulations Ci and Lauren!