day care

Daycare is an excellent opportunity for your dog to experience positive socialization and to get physical and mental stimulation. We have recently opened our NEW DAY CARE FACILITY located at 2631 North Grove St. (just down the road from our day school/training facility). With more staff and space, we can ensure your dog is getting every ounce of care, attention, and fun he/she deserves!

Daycare at 4 Paws will be a positive experience for your dog.

Why Choose 4 Paws Daycare?

  1. You will enjoy our clean newly renovated facility and your dog will have fun in our spacious indoor and outdoor play areas.
  2. Consistency is the key to successful training. Why not choose a daycare provider who is also your dog’s trainer? Your canine companion will receive consistent handling between home and daycare to reinforce your hard work and help you achieve your goals.
  3. We take a limited number of dogs so that we can give personal attention to each and every dog.
  4. Instead of separating dogs into play groups by age or breed, our professional staff separates dogs by temperament. This ensures a positive socializing experience with positive interaction, no bullying or getting pushed around by other dogs.
  5. If your dog is shy or nervous around other dogs, we can slowly introduce them to others based on how they are feeling. This has helped hundreds of shy, nervous, and stressed dogs become perfectly comfortable around others.

Call 4 Paws Academy to reserve your dog’s spot before your desired days are full!

Scheduling can be done over the phone your on our sign-up sheet at the front desk. We also offer auto sign up. If you want the same days every week for one or more months, we will automatically schedule you.

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